Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands

Building Friendships since 1986

30th anniversary homestays

Homestays for our guests from Ometepe provide them with an opportunity to participate in Bainbridge Island family life. Nothing special is required of a host family other than helping your guest feel comfortable and at home in your home. Families with a Spanish speaker (even if somewhat rudimentary) get priority in homestay placements. Being on Bainbridge is a difficult change from Ometepe and people are much more comfortable if they can communicate with at least one person in the household. That said, please do not count yourself out if you don’t speak Spanish and you’re dying to host someone!

On weekdays, delegation members’ time is usually scheduled around activities for the entire delegation. Host families are expected to help their guests participate in all delegation activities. Hosts do not have to be available to spend all day with their guest – families where everyone works can be hosts – but each family is responsible for coordinating their guest’s transportation to the day’s activities, either from the “ride list” we provide or from a neighboring host family.

On weekends, there are few group activities and host families can schedule activities they would like to share with their guest. Sometimes several hosts get together to do something together.

BOSIA covers the cost of the delegation outings. Hosting should not constitute a financial hardship for a host family.

Each host family needs to attend an orientation/logistics meeting even if they have hosted in the past. If you cannot attend, we will have to place your delegate with someone who can.

To help us coordinate all the requests we get to be hosts, please let us know the following:

  1. Names of all people in household. Telephone, street address, and email addresses.
  2. Is there a Spanish speaker in the house?
  3. Have you hosted a guest from Ometepe before?   When?
  4. Are you available to host during the period Sept. 29 – Oct. 5   OR Oct. 5 – Oct. 10 or either time?
  5. Do you prefer a man or a woman? Someone in particular?
  6. Why do you want to host a delegate from Ometepe?
  7. What is your work/school schedule (more or less)?

Please send any questions and your request for a homestay guest to Kim and Ela Esterberg,  or call them at (206) 842-8148.