Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands

Building Friendships since 1986

30th anniversary schedule

Thursday, Sept. 29th —  Arrival at SeaTac 5:25      Greeting delegates as they arrive off the ferry.  Contact XXXX for time and place.

Friday, Sept. 30th — 9:00 One Call for All envelope stuffing at Fil Am Hall. Lunch at Susan and Mark Shaffer’s farm.  1:00 Tour of Winslow — library, Helpline House, Senior Center.  Contact Emily Mansfield for details.

Saturday, Oct. 1st — 10:00  Farmers Market official public welcome

Sunday, Oct. 2nd    Day with host families.  Mariners game in afternoon.

Monday, Oct. 3rd   School visits in morning. 11:00 — activity and lunch at BARN. 1:00 — shopping expedition to thrift stores. 4:30 — Library committee dinner at Dallas Young’s for some delegates.  Contact Barbara Saur for details.

Tuesday, Oct. 4th  9:30 Suquamish Museum tour.  Lunch on ferry to Seattle.  Walk through Pike Place Market, sculpture garden, around Seattle (weather permitting).   Contact Mike Bonoff for details.

Wednesday, Oct. 5th   School visits and committee meetings throughout day. Contact Don Duprey for details.

Thursday, Oct. 6th    Bainbridge Historical Museum. Japanese Exclusion Memorial. Lunch in homes. Butler Greens farm tour.  Contact XXXX for details

Friday, Oct. 7th   Hurricane Ridge trip.  Contact Kim and Ela Esterberg for details.

Saturday, Oct. 8th   30th Anniversary FIESTA at The Island School.  4-8 pm. Bring a potluck item to share and plates/utensiles (for a waste-free event).

Sunday, Oct. 9th   Despedida at XXXXX   5 – 7 pm.

Monday, Oct. 10th  Depart SeaTac at 8:15 am.