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Café Oro

Our Café Oro coffee is shade-grown, fair-traded and certified organic. When you buy it, you get a great cup of coffee—and do a lot of good. Read our story. We sell:

  • Freshly roasted coffee primarily in 1-pound packages.
  • Half-pound packages perfect for sampling or giving as gifts.
  • Green coffee for home roasters.

If you have questions or comments about an order, please email using this form.

Freshly roasted coffee

To reduce packaging waste and deliver the best value to you, we sell our freshly roasted coffee primarily in 1-pound bags in multiples of four or six bags at a time. We heat-seal bags, so coffee in unopened packages stays fresh for about three months.

For international orders, we sell coffee in slightly different multiples of 1-pound bags because of  box sizes. We do not ship half-pound packages outside the United States.

We cannot produce a decaf version of Café Oro because the minimum batch size is too big. So as a convenience, we offer decaf coffee from Pegasus Coffee Company, the Bainbridge company that stores and roasts our coffee. The decaf, too, is certified organic. Both the Café Oro and the decaf are in 12-oz., heat-sealed bags.

Pricing for orders shipped within the United States. Free shipping:

Pricing for international orders. Free shipping worldwide:

Green coffee

For all you home roasters out there, we now sell our organic, shade-grown coffee in green bean form. We offer packages in two sizes, both with free shipping.

Pricing for orders shipped within the United States. Free shipping:

Pegasus Coffee Company is located at 12935 Islandcraft Lane NE, Unit A5, on Bainbridge Island. If you are picking up coffee that you previously ordered, drive west on Day Road from Highway 305. Turn right at the sign for Zanshin Lane and circle down to the lower level. The roastery is the first unit on the right.  Afternoon pickup is generally possible on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.