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Since 1990, the Sister Islands Association has imported fine coffee from our sister island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. We roast the beans on Bainbridge, sell the coffee for standard retail rates, and use all of the profits for projects suggested by communities on Ometepe.

We call this remarkable coffee Café Oro de Ometepe, and you can order it now, using our secure Web server and your VISA or Master Card. You can also order by email at

Café Oro meets all the important standards:

  • It is fair traded. When market prices are low, we pay more than the going rate because we want to make sure the growers always receive a profit.
  • It is shade grown. Growing coffee in the shade of a forest’s taller trees preserves habitat for animals and birds, reduces erosion, and protects native plants.
  • It is certified organic. Bio Latina, based in Peru, inspects the fields and certifies that the coffee meets USDA organic standards. The farmers use no artificial fertilizers or pesticides on their coffee crops.
  • It is delicious. Café Oro is a rich, low-acid coffee that makes a great morning cup and a smooth espresso. Coffee aficionados compare it to Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees. Maybe island growing conditions make coffee especially mellow. Being surrounded by water does mean temperatures are cooler at lower elevations than they are on inland farms at the same latitude.

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