Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands

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Delegates get a chance to join in family celebrations, such as the first communion that coincided with the 2010 Coffee Delegations visit to El Corozal.

We usually sponsor several delegations each year between Bainbridge and Ometepe islands.

Each June, we take high school students from Bainbridge Island and neighboring communities to Ometepe for two weeks, where the students live with host families and work with community members on local projects.

The timing and focus of our other delegations vary. Some delegations are built around specific topics, such as connecting with school librarians or meeting with students who have special needs. The best way to become involved with these is to work with the committee devoted to that topic. We also have more general trips, such as our anniversary and coffee delegations.

In 2010, we brought four Ometepe teachers of high school English to Bainbridge for six-weeks. Four health professionals visited Bainbridge in 2014, strengthening ties between our Health Committee and health centers on Ometepe.

teachers on Seattle street

Four Ometepe teachers of English toured Pike Place Market in Seattle during the 2010 Teacher Delegation. From left: Dagoberto Hernandez Martinez, Seylim de Fatima Barrios, Jamileth Trigueros Paizano, and Bethania Guillen Irigoyen.


2011 marked the Sister Islands’ 25th anniversary, a fitting opportunity to bring a delegation of 10 people from Ometepe to Bainbridge. Bainbridge Islanders travelled in the opposite direction for the counterpart celebration on Ometepe.

Since 2011, we have sponsored delegations to Ometepe of the Health Committee, Library Committee, Scholarship Committee and Special Needs Committee. Delegations such as these are often open to interested Bainbridge Islanders.

If you are interested in possibly joining a delegation, please sign up as a member and get on our mailing list. Or you can contact us by email.