Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands

Building Friendships since 1986

Give a gift of kindness

special needs certificate croppedNurture the spirit of kindness within us all by participating in our alternative gift program.

With a gift of $10 to $100, you can choose to buy books for school libraries, fund programs for people with special needs, or bolster our general fund, which supports a wide array of school, health and community projects on Ometepe.

If you can give more, please consider underwriting a university scholarship in the name of your recipient. We will send you and your recipient the name of the scholarship winner once he or she has been selected by a committee at the student’s school on Ometepe. Every Ometepe high school has one of these committees, and they evaluate applicants based on academic performance, economic need, and community spirit.

Besides helping a worthy student, a scholarship gift also gives your recipient an opportunity to develop a personal connection with the student. We will send your recipient a brief bio and contact information — and even help translate correspondence, if needed! A full-year scholarship is $960 or $80 a month. Or, for $480 or $40 a month, you can give a half-scholarship.