Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands

Building Friendships since 1986

Ometepe office

Dora on BainbridgeAlthough the Sister Islands Association is an all-volunteer organization on Bainbridge, we do have a small paid staff on Ometepe.

Manager: Dora (“Dorita”) Gutierrez Traña

Dorita, an English teacher at the high school in Altagracia, has been our office manager since 1999. She works with community members on Ometepe to develop project proposals and to carry out the projects funded by our organization. Dora is a superb cultural ambassador who helps people on both of our islands understand one another. She has visited Bainbridge Island seven times.


Office Volunteer: Laetitia Lehman-Pearsall

Portrait of office volunteerLaetitia is a 2016 graduate from Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, with a degree in piano performance and a minor in French. Working for the Sister Islands Association as the office volunteer has been a dream of hers since she was in Alice Mendoza’s third grade, in 1999-2000.

This is her fifth trip to Ometepe. She has host families in La Concha and Angul from her two trips as a Bainbridge High School delegate (in 2008 and 2009), and in 2010 she and a friend organized a mail delegation from Bainbridge to Ometepe, delivering mail on foot all around the island. Laetitia is thrilled to be able to contribute as the office volunteer, continuing her friendships with Dora and her family, and her host families in La Concha and Angul, and making connections with new people.

The office volunteer is often a Bainbridge Island resident who first visited Ometepe as a Sister Islands delegate, although we have also had mid-career volunteers and volunteers who were headed to Ometepe for the first time. Whatever their background, volunteers have an opportunity to become much more deeply immersed in the Ometepe culture than short-time visitors can.

Contacting our office

The office is on the main street in Altagracia. In keeping with the Nicaraguan custom of citing addresses as distances from key locations, the office is del juzgado, una cuadra al norte (from the judge’s office, one block north).  The phone number from the United States is 011-505-2569-4428. On Ometepe, it’s 2569-4428.

Postal mail can be sent to Islas Hermanas, Apartado #20, Isla de Ometepe, Moyogalpa, Nicaragua. Bainbridge Islanders who are writing to a friend in care of our office should write the name and town of the recipient on an inner package. You can include several of these letters in one large outer envelope.

Ometepe residents who want to write to friends on Bainbridge can leave letters at the office.