Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands

Building Friendships since 1986

Friends & sponsors

These are among the many individuals, businesses,  and organizations that we’re lucky to have as friends and sponsors:

  • The Traveler, a store on Bainbridge that specializes in travel books and gear. Owners Barbara Tolliver & Susan Taylor contribute 5% of the store’s December gross profits to our library projects each year.
  • Town & Country Market, the No. 1 outlet for our coffee on Bainbridge Island and site of our periodic coffee tastings.
  • Islandcraft Coffee and owners David Adler and Kris Carroll for storing and roasting our coffee.
  • Bay Hay & Feed, a Bainbridge nursery and feed store that sells Nicaraguan-made hammocks and donates profits to us. The store also donates out-of-date vegetable seeds for Ometepe families and sells handwoven bracelets made by the former street kids at Si a la Vida, a project in Nicaragua  that we help support.
  • The Marketplace in Lynwood, the only place you can get a freshly brewed cup of Cafe Oro.
  • Grace Episcopal Church on Bainbridge, which supports our sign language workshops and the Balgüe Literacy Project for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be in school.
  • Classic Cycle, a Bainbridge bicycle shop that donated a sturdy new bike for our office on Ometepe.
  • Hyla Middle School, which provides us with meeting space.
  • The following churches, which have provided meeting space and other help: Island Church, Saint Cecilia Catholic Church, Bethany Lutheran Church, Eagle Harbor Congregational Church and Seabold United Methodist Church.
  • Betsy Carroll’s fifth-grade class, together with Ursula Pontieri’s second-graders at The Island School, which produces and sells wonderful calendars each year to raise money for our programs.
  • Wildernest Outdoor Store and owners Steve & Kerry for donating back 5% from sales by our student delegation each year as they prepare for their trip to Ometepe in June.
  • Bainbridge Island Football Club for their annual sale of Cafe Oro as their fall fundraiser.
  • One Call For All, Bainbridge Island’s umbrella fund-raising organization and the donors who help pay our delegate travel costs.
  • Our coffee baggers.
  • And all those who purchase Café Oro.