Padre Juan Cuadra during his visit to Bainbridge.

Padre Juan entertains Bainbridge Islanders during his visit.

Bainbridge hosted its first delegate from Ometepe:  Padre Juan Cuadra.

Padre Juan had instilled his philosophy in the first delegation of Bainbridge Islanders who went to Ometepe. He said to always expect and accept what Ometepinos can give you because a long-term, sustainable relationship must be built on equality and dignity, not on handouts. This applied both to homestays — nortenos should not pay for food or lodging because it can be given freely, preserving dignity — and to Ometepinos’ contribution to projects.

Padre Juan insisted on community involvement in projects, keeping a tight grip on the donated money, and dispersing it “poco a poco,” only as people worked for the community benefit.