New office assistant

Alexa Sinclair will be the Sister Islands Association’s new Volunteer Office Assistant on Ometepe beginning in December.
She first visited Ometepe as part of the high school students’ delegation in 2016 , when she stayed in La Sabana. She learned then about the on-island volunteer position in Altagracia and earmarked the opportunity for later. After she graduated from the University of Washington in the summer of 2022, she applied and is overjoyed to finally return to Ometepe.

Alexa graduated with a double major in Spanish and in International Relations, and a minor in Human Rights. She’s eager to jump right in and build real-world experience outside the classroom. Alexa studied abroad in Spain during her sophomore year. She wonders whether her new role will leave her with an Ometepe-Andalusian accent mix. We’ll see how that goes!