Staff delegation highlights

Dora, Karla, and Santiago arrived on Bainbridge to cold temperatures and occasionally down pouring rain but a very warm welcome. As the following photos demonstrate, they had a full and joyous two weeks doing the business of BOSIA committees and participating in Bainbridge holiday traditions. Scroll down to read Dora's reflections on the trip. MayonrKol Medina, with Barbara Saur, gives delegates an


Ordway books for sister school

Three second-graders from Ordway Elementary School — Kaia Robb-Goldberg, Magda Ruffo-Hill, and Abby Corns — guided by office manager Lauren Melville, organized a Wintergram fundraiser for Ordway's sister school in La Concepcion, Ometepe. The effort raised $286 which will purchase books and supplies for the La Concepcion school library. In addition, teachers Susan Gace and Denise Melton-Todd arranged for December's Scholastic Book Fair


Health delegation from Ometepe visits Bainbridge

Five delegates from Ometepe left Bainbridge Island on May 3 after a two-week visit, the first Sister Islands' health delegation to travel north. Four of the delegates are health-care providers on Ometepe—a doctor, a dentist and two nurses—and the fifth is the manager of the Sister Islands' office on Ometepe.


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