Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands

Building Friendships since 1986

Wentworths and Karla

With the Wentworth’s help, Karla graduated 23 years ago as the first psychologist on Ometepe Island. For many years she worked for Si a la Vida, solidifying an important link between BOSIA and that organization. Over the years, Keith, Jane and Karla visited each others’ islands on delegations and individually. The Wentworths watched Karla’s children grow and her professional expertise deepen.

Karla currently works for BOSIA providing counseling, workshops and prevention consultation in the areas of sexual abuse and domestic violence. As Karla says, “Women who have suffered abuse for years, decades even, now have a voice through our work.” Work made possible by the initial investment of love and support by Jane and Keith.

The reunion between Karla, Jane and Keith in December was a warm reconnection of old friends. And they felt certain that it would not be their last. The relationships fostered among Sister Islanders are life-long, even with so many miles between us.