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Two delegations headed here in December

Delegates sing on stage.
Ometepe delegates perform the Nicaraguan National Anthem during their 2016 trip for the Sister Islands Association’s 30th anniversary.

As 2019 draws to a close, the Sister Islands Assocation is planning two delegations — one involving our office staff, the other for Ometepe teachers who instruct students in English.

Our office manager on Ometepe, Dora Gutierrez, along with Scholarship Coordinator Santiago Triquero and psychologist Karla Varela, have visas in hand for their staff delegation in December. We had hoped to also bring Claribel Gutierrez, a sign language interpreter, but the U.S. Embassy denied her a visa even after a second interview and very strong recommendation letters. The staff delegation is set for Dec. 11 to 28.

The Sister Islands Association has also invited four Ometepe teachers to visit Bainbridge, in keeping with our long-standing tradition of bringing English teachers to Bainbridge for extended stays. They will travel to Bainbridge on Dec. 11, along with the office staff, but they will stay longer, returning on Jan. 9.

A calendar of events for both delegations will be updated when plans need to change, even on short notice. Everyone is welcome to join the delegates for events that are at public venues.

Want to get involved with these delegations?

Noe shaping pizza dough.
Noe learns how to make pizza during the 2016 delegation to Bainbridge.
Delegates tour library.
Susan Bisnet shows 2016 delegates the Bainbridge library.

Home stay families:  There are still several slots for home stays for the teachers. Spanish is not a requirement. Teachers will have daytime activities during the week so home stay families can carry on with their usual work schedules. Contact Siri Kushner.

Activities:  For several days, delegates need homes to go to for lunch and before or after the day’s activities (if their homestay families are working). If you would like to volunteer for that, or if you would like to host an event, take a delegate or two out for lunch, or anything else, please contact Dan Bacon.

Volunteer to drive or be a day captain: Drivers serve as chaperones for the day and, in most cases, go to the activities with the delegates as well as shuttle them to and from. We have set up an online signup form. To volunteer, click on this link.

Day captain duties

  • Check with the activity contact person (eg, Suquamish museum, Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, etc.) a day ahead to confirm with them and the drivers/chaperones for the day.
  • Have a home available for early drop offs or late pickups if needed.
  • Communicate changes in the schedule; be available for last minute calls from hosts about changes.
  • Know where all the delegates are going and where they actually are.