With several delegations each year and increasingly more projects to keep track of, the Board decided to open an office on Ometepe. Dorita Gutierrez Traña was hired as office coordinator and she was aided in the logistics of getting set up by volunteer Brett Clifton followed by Brooke Mattocks.

Dorita’s diplomacy, knowledge of Ometepe, hard work and her gracious guidance of her Bainbridge counterparts in their cultural understanding proved to be a solid foundation of all BOSIA’s work during the upcoming years. With the office next door to her home, her mother, Dona Dora has fed legions of delegates and volunteers.

In subsequent years, volunteers from Bainbridge joined Dorita to assist her in keeping the Islands connected: Siri Kushner (2 ½ years), Kati Childers, Jim Starrs and Jackie Finkler, Kari Lagerloeff and Devon Sampson.