Dr. Fatima Ortiz Pedrosa reacts to her invitation to visit Bainbridge Island as part of the 30th Anniversary delegation.

The heart of our Sister Islands’ relationship occurs when people from both islands spend time together in each others’ homes and communities. Twelve Ometepinos will have that opportunity when we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year.  The delegation arrives September 29 and departs October 10. A grand Anniversary Fiesta will take place on Saturday, October 8th for the Bainbridge community.  In upcoming months we will post opportunities to be involved with this delegation. We will need host families, drivers, translators, activities coordinators and friends. Watch for future announcements and mark your calendars for the delegation week.

30th Anniversary Delegates

Dora Guitierrez Trana (Altagracia) – Sister Islands’ office manager and high school teacher. Speaks English and has been to Bainbridge many times.

Maria Estella Alvarez (Tazuizapa) – Sister Islands’ scholarship program coordinator and teacher. Speaks English and has been to Bainbridge many times.

Carmen Lopez (Balgue)— organic coffee grower at the Finca Magdalena co-op.

Hercidelia Flores (Merida) — organic coffee grower for Organic Coffee Producers co-op.

 Jorge Luis Espinoza (Altagracia)–former director of Ruben Dario primary school and ran the Extra Edad program.

Flavia Jarquin (San Miguel)–teacher formerly in San Miguel now in San Jose del Norte, has been involved in student delegations and building the library at the San Miguel school.

Fatima Ortiz Pedrosa (Altagracia)–doctor at the Altagracia health center.

Noé Gonzalez (Balgue)–long-time scholarship committee member, teacher in Balgue.

Oscar Vela (San Marcos/La Flor)–scholarship committee member, former scholarship student, teacher in La Flor.

Ivan Sevilla (Altagracia) – teacher at the Los Angeles-Esquipulas secondary school. He has been on the scholarship committee there for years and has been involved in projects at the school.

Idalia Condega Morgan (San Jose del Sur) In charge of Bibilioteca Islas Hermanas (library) at San Jose del Sur school.

 Francisco Hernandez (Altagracia)–blind scholarship student in his 5th year of university, studying international diplomacy.