We are very excited to share the news that for the first time ever, five deaf students are graduating from high school thanks in part to help they received from the Sister Islands Association.

A generous donation from a Bainbridge family covered the salary of sign language interpreter Claribel Gutierrez Ruiz. Dale Spoor, the chair of the Special Needs Committee, also invested considerable time and effort over many years to make this possible.

With Claribel’s assistance and dedication, Christian Máximo Bucardo Garcia, Jose Santos Aleman Martinez, Samuel Ortiz Alvare, Angela Cristina Obregon Lorio, and Alejandra Sofia Guzman Flores are the first deaf students to graduate high school on Ometepe.

Mariceldy Bonilla Martinez was also able to graduate because of help from the Sister Islands Association. She is not deaf, but she has a problem with her leg, making it difficult for her to walk. Mariceldy’s transportation to and from school was supported by another Bainbridge family, making it possible for her to attend school each day. She participated in the Math and Spanish reinforcements activities at the Sister Island office alongside her deaf classmates.

BOSIA would like to say congratulations to all six of these students. Felicidades! We are very proud of all of them!