Three second-graders from Ordway Elementary School — Kaia Robb-Goldberg, Magda Ruffo-Hill, and Abby Corns — guided by office manager Lauren Melville, organized a Wintergram fundraiser for Ordway’s sister school in La Concepcion, Ometepe. The effort raised $286 which will purchase books and supplies for the La Concepcion school library.

In addition, teachers Susan Gace and Denise Melton-Todd arranged for December’s Scholastic Book Fair to offer families the opportunity to purchase books in Spanish which will be sent to La Concepcion. The 2018 Library Delegation will carry these and other books that they laminated to schools around Ometepe, including Ordway’s sister school.

What a wonderful holiday gift it was to have these unexpected donations thanks to these second-graders, teachers, and Ordway families!