Brenda demonstrates camera technique to Edwin.

In January a BOSIA Special Needs Delegation of 11 people spent about two weeks on Ometepe, participating in following activities:

  • Taught a group of 15 deaf children how to use the set of digital cameras donated by members of the BI Photo Club.
  • Visited some of them in their communities to share in their work and to elaborate on some basic principles of photography.
  • Met with the leadership of Los Pipitos, the local chapter for people with special needs, to discuss how we can continue to work together collaboratively.
  • Met with the blind university scholarship students to understand better their challenges.
  • Initiated a project with a local doctor to provide assistance to people who are not blind but have serious vision problems.
  • Participated in the second Special Needs Conference on Ometepe to share experiences and to explore future possibilities.
  • Joined Alan Kirk, a specialist in mobility and orientation, as he trained some of the blind children how to move around in a variety of environments so as to be more independent.
  • Met with Claribel Gutierrez, who has just completed her three years study to be a professional interpreter of Nicaraguan Sign Language, to discuss her future work on Ometepe.

Back on Bainbridge, members of the BI Photo Club are currently preparing photo prints of the children’s work to use in exhibitions here and in Nicaragua.

One of Deirin's favorites

One of Deirin’s favorite photos.