A dance class at the 2011 student fund-raiser

The Student Auction Committee and the 2011 Student Delegation want to thank everyone who supported their Dinner Auction and Community Celebration on Saturday, May 14. The students raised an astounding $14,000.

All of the money will go for Sister Islands’ educational and health projects, not for student travel expenses, which are mostly paid by the students’ families. (Scholarships, when needed, are provided through donations to the One Call for All community fund-raising program on Bainbridge.)

The 2011 Student Delegation is the third to sponsor a dinner and auction. Besides functioning as a fund-raiser, the event also gave participants time to share stories about the 25 years of Bainbridge-Ometepe exchanges and learn a little salsa dancing.

Students who made the event happen include Brendan, Tess, Sarah, Isabelle, Hanna, Jenny, Rosalie, Immy, Sinclair, Grant, John, Rachel, Cody, Kate, Edward, Amanda, Carly, Sean, Colby, David, Signe, Greg, Jordyn and Asia.

Behind-the-scenes guidance came from Linda Snyder and Nancy Quitslund, along with all of the chaperons who will be traveling with the students to Ometepe in June.