The 2011 Ordway calendar, brightly colored by Ometepe children, is on display at the Milk Project in Balgüe. This is one of the projects funded by calendar sales.

Third-graders in Boo Schneider’s class at Ordway Elementary School on Bainbridge are celebrating the success of their 2011 calendar.

The class designed the calendar, which had a farm theme. Besides drawing and selling the calendar, students also got a chance to learn about local farming and what it takes to grow food.

Students made a profit of $10,385. They voted to give most of the money to the Sister Islands Association for specific projects.

marimba playersThey also funded two scholarships for Ometepe students attending universities in Nicaragua. And they set aside $1,885 as seed money for building a sister schools relationship between Ordway and the primary school in La Concha (also known as La Concepción).

The Ometepetel marimba band received $1,950 to help buy a sound system and other needed items. Bainbridge students worked with members of this band to build the instruments during the Marimba Delegation in 2008.
group of students
Sí a la Vida, a program for former street kids in Managua, received $1,253. The boys in this picture live at Sí a la Vida’s center on Ometepe. Sí a la Vida is a separate program that has received support from the Sister Islands Association.
The class contributed $654 to help pay for new windows and iron grilles at the elementary school in San Jose del Norte. Bainbridge high school students helped install the windows during the 2010 student delegation. Before the window work, the classrooms had so little light that teachers sometimes had to cancel school on cloudy days.
school windows